Minnesota Monthly Reports on Forthcoming Film Production

Movie Madness II, a report in the January edition of Minnesota Monthly, outlines future Minnesota film projects. Read it at http://www.minnesotamonthly.com/media/Minnesota-Monthly/January-2008/Movie-Madness-II/.


One Response to Minnesota Monthly Reports on Forthcoming Film Production

  1. ARLENE SPERL says:

    My daughter –Natalie Denise Sperl–is from New Ulm Minnesota and is a famous actress in Hollywood.
    Check out her resume when you google her name. Also at imdb the celeb site.
    It would be a dream come true to have her star in “home state feature film”
    Her e mail address is: amk@newulmtel.net .

    What is up and coming? Can you get “us” in the right direction?
    Both, (Chilled in Miami) and “A Serious Man” are using parts of Minnesota for there films. We tried to get info–all big parts were already cast.
    Natalie has a guest appearance on the third episode of the new tv series.”Unhitched”
    Also, her latest feature film “Rock Monster” is also due out in March.

    Anything you can do to help? Lets make this happen for Minnesota.
    Please take the time and key in her name and you can read for yourself.
    PS. She has a model agent, a film agent and manager. This must not be coming across their desks because it is too late when we find out.

    Thanks much for any help you can give. Please respong to this e mail.

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