A Day on Location

On Sunday, December 3, I spent another day on the “Older than America” set, as one of about 160 background actors. The day started with temperatures around 7 degrees (F), cold even by Minnesota standards, and there was a brisk wind adding to the chill. The extras arrived on set around 9:30 a.m., after waiting patiently in a gymnasium and then on buses. They finished shooting the scene around 2 p.m. Towards the end, the extras would groan whenever the Assistant Director, Rowdy, announced another take or set up.

The scene included many of the film’s featured players, including Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, and Georgina Lightning.

I was able to get a few photos.

Extras huddle around a fire barrel for warmth between takes.

A camera operator hovers above the scene getting a high angle crane shot.

Adam Beach
entertained the crew members and extras between takes, joking about the weather. His costume didn’t include gloves or a hat. He was clearly under dressed for the conditions, but he toughed it out.
The director/lead actress, Georgina Lightning, congratulated the extras on a job well done as the scene wrapped.

The shoot is scheduled to wrap next week.


One Response to A Day on Location

  1. i would love to get some of those photos you took on the set.
    my email address is on our website.
    thanks for being part of this film with us.
    georgie lightning

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